CAYMAN™ Software: Navigating CAYMAN: Test | Certificate included

CAYMAN™ Software: Navigating CAYMAN: Test | Certificate included

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This course is designed for the individual student. For training and certifying a group of students, please submit your request here.

CAYMAN software can be used to control Schleuniger cut & strip machines remotely via a connected PC. CAYMAN allows the operator to create simple wire programs and complex collections of wire programs, so you have full control over the entire production process. Wire programs can be added or edited offline while the machine is processing wire, maximizing production time. In this course, we will teach you the basics of navigating CAYMAN, and how to access the major functions of the CAYMAN software. This course does not cover programming, or advanced configuration. This course is also not intended to cover machine operation. Before operating the machine, please read the operating instructions in full. Additional, detailed information, can be found in the reference manual for your machine.

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