UniStrip 2550™ Training (2 hr Live, Online Session)

UniStrip 2550™ Training (2 hr Live, Online Session)

  • $300.00

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Just receive your UniStrip 2550?  Let our factory experts help you get set up and producing wires quickly with this 2 hour session.

We'll guide you through all the features and benefits this machine has to offer. Learn how to navigate the software, program basic wire set ups and more complex programs using extended wire.  You'll name and save wire programs, activate functions such as wayback, recut, regrip, and much more. We'll teach you how to filter long lists of wire programs, enable passwords and back up wire programs to protect your files.  Discover how to use the wire list functionality and bar code capabilities.

If you've had your machine a while and just want to gain more knowledge about all you can do with it or if you just want help programming your wires then this is the place.

Once you've placed your order, we will contact you to schedule your training.

This session can be tailored to your needs.

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