S.AM™ Software Programming - Navigating S.AM: Test | Certificate included

S.AM™ Software Programming - Navigating S.AM: Test | Certificate included

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This course is designed for the individual student. For training and certifying a group of students, please submit your request here.

S.AM is the operating software for Schleuniger bench-top stripping machines. Wire programming and production is controlled using a simple touch screen interface. The basic wire interface lets you quickly and easily program and produce one wire at a time, and the extended wire interface lets you create and save wire programs to the internal library, and provides processing options for difficult wires. In this course, we'll teach you how to navigate the software.

This course will give an introduction to the software, and is not intended to cover the entire S.AM operating system, programming, or advanced configuration. This course is also not intended to cover machine operation. Before operating the machine, please read the operating instructions in full. Additional, detailed information, can be found in the reference manual for your machine.

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